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i am from hillsboro...i'll be a senior. i'm counting down the days until i'll be free of bell schedules and immaturity...at least most of it. I'm not much of a meat eater. i overload my life...i have 5 cousins and a step-cousin and a whole lot of second and third cousins. i like history and i'm not too hot at math, no idea why i'm taking pre-calc independent study. one of my biggest pet peeves is people being disrepectful as well as people who don't pull thier own weight. i could go into the but yeah, lets just say people need to learn how to check thier e-mail

Avatar bridget
08-07-05 01:51
Just... Live
Hello me from Hillsboro!
Avatar thatonechick
08-07-05 10:04
welcome to elowel!!!!

Have fun, post often! ^_^

Yay for a history buff. (And YAY for class of OH SIX!)
Avatar me
08-07-05 12:33
thanks, and of course Cody is the coolest cousin in the world!:)
Avatar david *
08-07-05 12:41
Ross Is. Br.
We actually teach classes every friday night on that subject:

IT079 Email Checking (0 creds, P/NP)
Avatar prudence *
08-08-05 21:03
Everything you typed about yourself, you'd find in a profile about me save the "not too hot at math" comment
(I'm taking Calc this fall ~shudders~), the fact that I'm a strict vegetarian, I have no blood cousins and that I live in Milwaukie.

Anyway, welcome to elowel and enjoy your stay.
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