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This is a little random but my mother interupted me sleep cycle to get me up for swimming and for some reason i remembered setting my bike to the 4th gear thing. so i was riding to practice excpecting to feel some resistence. The dream had felt so real, more like a memory. But i looked and it hadn't moved. i keep having these "memories" that didn't happen, but my subconscience made up..crazy stuff...

Avatar alex
08-10-05 19:56
I have stupid memory-dreams, like where I do a load of washing clothes.

The next day, I'm like, "I washed some clothes, how come they're all dirty?"

Avatar roquelaure
08-10-05 19:57
A bird in the hand
I have that too. I once "lost" my ring.

The worst is when I dream a realistic dream about something that happened with a friend and it didn't actually happen. Though that doesn't occur very often.
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